International Automotive Manufacturer

The Blue Hill Team is Our Team

This is an international automotive manufacturer, conducting business in over 100 countries and regions around the world, operating its North American headquarters in the western region of the United States.


“We were able to migrate from a sub-optimal service provider to one that provides consistent and solid support, we have established a relationship with a company that goes above and beyond expectations in servicing our best interests, and we reduced our spend.”

“When I joined this company as their Vice President and CIO, the contract with our current service provider was up for renewal, and we needed to either renew or find a new provider who ideally would give us better service, be more responsive, and help reduce our costs. Contract renewal was the perfect time to conduct a competitive bid. I came from a Mainframe background, and had spent 30 years at IBM, so I knew what I was looking for. Blue Hill was one of several firms we explored and the one we chose after intensive study.”


The services required by this client were for Blue Hill to host the IBM Mainframe and run the international and national applications and data at our core production data center facility.

Include all hardware, software, and fully managed services

Implement a solution to meet their budget

Provide transition services out of the current Service Providers data center

Provide dedicated High Availability Disaster Recovery solution

“We selected Blue Hill based on their management experience in migration and support, customer references, impressive facilities, strong technical capabilities, excellent communication skills, and overall cost effectiveness.

“The initial migration from our prior provider to Blue Hill was a major concern, because the migration to our old provider (prior to my term here) was described as extremely poor – with deadlines missed and problems that persisted for months before we gained basic stability. Many of our most critical systems still run on the mainframe, so this was extremely disruptive to our business.

“We developed a seamless relationship with the Blue Hill team from the beginning – we consider it OUR team. Blue Hill communicates extremely well with our team, and also with our other vendors, addressing any issues that are encountered within the production environment and implementing needed changes with the same thoughtful planning we saw in the initial migration.”

“Like our initial migration and stable operations, Disaster Recovery testing is another area where Blue Hill excels. We have experienced extremely smooth DR testing – it’s easy, fast, and there haven’t been any issues.”


“We received bids from multiple vendors, and Blue Hill was very competitive in the market. But given the ongoing excellent service we have experienced, I now realize their value is even greater than I first estimated.”

“I deal with hundreds of vendors, and Blue Hill is only one of two vendors I will provide a reference for. They have been a great partner, from initial evaluation through migration to ongoing daily support. This team has never let us down and they provide great value.”

“With Blue Hill, I experienced the smoothest transition I have seen in my career – and a large part of this came from the intensive planning conducted by Blue Hill (backed by their experience). Execution of migration was flawless, and we actually ran ahead of schedule. Our business team was running on our new Blue Hill environment on Monday morning – and never saw any problem or impact - we were stable from day one.”

Large Automobile Manufacturer

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