Private Cloud Hosting and Managed Services

We support our clients’ critical IT systems cost effectively, by providing fully managed data center hosting solutions and a full array of IT support services.

Our highly skilled and experienced staff, world-class On-Shore facilities, and reliable 24/365 services have supported clients worldwide and in all verticals since 1994.

Differentiation rests in our ability to provide customized solutions, flexible contracts, and the highest level of customer service.

We can maintain your critical systems, help you modernize, and support you on your path to transformation.

Our client’s data center environment can be hosted within Blue Hill’s private cloud, or Blue Hill support services can be provided remotely to the client’s site.

We provide Managed Services including: Mainframe, iSeries/Mid-Range, Server/Cloud Infrastructure, Applications support, Disaster Recovery, Colocation and Remote Support


We Are Customer Focused

mainframe managed services - 100% on-shore USA

100% On-Shore 24/7 Service Delivery

Blue Hill’s highly available, secure, and redundant data centers are located within the Continental United States and all of our 24/365 support services are provided by Blue Hill Employees.

mainframe managed services - client satisfaction

100% Client Satisfaction

We provide high touch personalized attention in meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations. Dedicated team with over 30 years of experience managing complex customer environments.

mainframe managed services - delivering flexibility

100% Flexible Services

Flexible contracts and services as well as fully managed or remote support, cross-platform. We don’t force clients to upgrade, contracts are based on clients needs.  Blue Hill provides flexible hardware, software, and payment terms.

100% Referenceable Clients

Every client can provide a reference, because they appreciate the highest quality of service they consistently receive, as we exceed their expectations in providing the greatest level of value.

Our Services


We specialize in IBM Mainframe hosting and remote services for multi-platform environments and infrastructure solutions supporting all versions of IBM hardware and software: z/OS, OS/390, VM, VSE and third-party software.


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AS/400 – iSeries-as-a-Service

The iSeries or AS/400 is IBM’s most popular server worldwide. The IBM iSeries provides an abundance of benefits beyond most midrange servers. IBM’s iSeries is a very versatile system, and Blue Hill Data Services® provides fully managed services for all industry segments.

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Server / Cloud Infrastructure 

Building and managing a private cloud solution tailored for your specific needs. Eliminate CAPEX and the need to manage IT hardware upgrades by hosting your Server/Cloud Infrastructure workloads on Blue Hill’s infrastructure.


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Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Protect your critical business applications with our, Always-Available, dedicated disaster recovery (DR) solutions. Minimize outages and downtime, validate your plans, and test your systems regularly at one of our high-availability DR centers.

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Select Blue Hill to avoid the cost of maintaining a data center, while keeping control of your hardware and applications. Utilize our On-Shore, SOC1/SOC2 and PCI-DSS compliant facilities, which are 24/365 fully staffed data centers to house your mission critical resources.

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Remote Support

We manage your critical applications without moving your hardware and provide the required talent as your workforce retires. Our skilled Mainframe technical and Applications professionals will deliver the end-to-end support you need.

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Application Services

Our programming services will support all identified and targeted applications within your environment, from maintenance and enhancements, to software analysis and coding services, to transformation and modernization projects.

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Software-as-a-Service – Credit Insurance and Debt Protection Solutions (XyberNET®)

Our XyberNET® portfolio of products provide comprehensive insurance processing systems and services for the credit life, disability, property, debt protection, and lender placed property and casualty markets.

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Gartner Research

Blue Hill, with the help of Gartner, works to ensure we continue to meet the growing needs of our client base and promote continuous improvement processes.

For those clients whose governance requires reputable management expertise when considering a new vendor partnership, a selection of Gartner analysts can be called upon to provide fair and unbiased input during your vendor selection process.

Ask about gaining contact information for those Gartner analysts who can offer advice and provide value in your decision-making process.


Blue Hill meets all regulatory compliance required to support our government and commercial clients from all industries.

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Women's Month

Blue Hill is proud to show our support for Women’s Month.

At our company, we firmly believe in promoting equality and creating a workplace culture that supports women and their professional growth. We provide equal opportunities for professional growth and development for women in our company. We actively seek to increase the representation of women in tech roles.

As we celebrate Women’s Month, we renew our commitment to supporting and empowering women in tech and beyond.

Top Reasons you Need a Mainframe Private Cloud

-Platform Conversion: While moving off the Mainframe, AS400, or other legacy platforms, the current legacy systems must be maintained while the 2-3-5-10 year conversion project is underway.

-Cost Savings: Utilize a leveraged solution; reduce costs as applications are migrated off the legacy platform.

-Regulatory and Security Requirements: Processes your workload within a dedicated environment within an isolated network.

-Limited Support Staff: Reduced IT budgets and an aging/retiring workforce create challenges in maintaining critical legacy systems and applications with skilled and experienced staff.

-High Maintenance Costs: Required hardware and software upgrades and increasing maintenance costs are no longer affordable.

-Flexible Support Solutions: Continue to be supported on your current hardware and software levels without being forced to upgrade.

-Risk Mitigation: Remain fully operational and compliant with a Dedicated Disaster Recovery solution, in the event of a disaster or service disruption.