AS/400 — iSeries-as-a-Service

The iSeries or AS/400 is one of IBM’s most popular server worldwide. The IBM iSeries provides an abundance of benefits beyond most midrange servers. IBM’s iSeries is a very versatile system, and Blue Hill Data Services® provides fully managed services for all industry segments for large to small corporations, state and local government agencies.

The IBM iSeries is one of the leading lines of business servers in the world. Famed for its security and reliability, and those that make the initial investment tend to be reliant on this system for a very long time. It’s often regarded as “low maintenance”, “the box that ticks away in the corner”.

For over 25 years the IBM iSeries has gained an unequaled reputation for security and resilience. Choosing Blue Hill to host or remotely manage your environments will benefit your business and reduce your costs.

AS400 iSeries - Midrange - Managed service provider - Private Cloud Hosting

Why Customers Select Our Services:

  • Eliminates the risk of a retiring workforce supporting your IBM AS/400 – iSeries systems
  • High level of service levels and responsiveness
  • Access to iSeries specialists when you need them
  • Flattens the cost of iSeries support
  • Frees up your IT staff to concentrate on more strategic initiatives.

Our iSeries on Demand (IOD) “pay per use” option allows greater flexibility with guaranteed communications bandwidth to provide resilient connectivity options via the Internet or secure VPN.

Blue Hill’s IBM AS/400 - iSeries Managed Services Offerings eliminates these risks by:

  • Hosting the iSeries Server in our purpose-built data centers, or remote support as may be required
  • Upgrading hardware and software versions annually, or providing support on legacy systems without forcing you to upgrade
  • Providing fully managed services (on-site or remotely) utilizing advanced monitoring and management tools
  • Proactively managing OS/400 for new PTFs
  • Managing and testing your disaster recovery plan annually with improved capabilities and dedicated resources
  • Liaising with your application vendors
  • Escalating technical issues to our specialist team
  • Meeting or exceeding all Service Level requirements

“Blue Hill saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars by hosting our systems as is, and not forcing us to upgrade to the latest hardware and software versions…no other hosting provider would give us this flexibility – the other vendors required us to upgrade before they moved us. By using Blue Hill, we were able to save money and avoid additional costs that would have been incurred during the upgrade process. More importantly, we also saved a considerable amount of time and effort, and the risk of not knowing what we would find if we had to go through a lengthy upgrade process. Blue Hill’s solution allowed us to free up our resources to focus on projects that were critical to meeting our business priorities.”

FAQs – Midrange Outsourcing

FAQ's for Midrange AS/400 - iSeries Outsourcing

Determine the most important considerations in understanding how outsourcing can be a viable option in supporting your organization’s needs.

Your needs may entail supporting a particular legacy application, or your entire data center infrastructure requirements.

Top 7 Frequently Asked Questions include:

  1. How much can I reduce my operating budget?
  2. Why is selective outsourcing a good alternative?
  3. What are the key elements for a successful migration?

Choosing the right partner relationship is of utmost importance when running your mission critical systems. Ensure you’re making the right decision by gaining value from our experienced and expert team.