Blue Hill specializes in providing IBM Mainframe 24/7 service delivery and support, to Corporations, Higher Education and Governments.

Since 1994, our goal is simple: Providing our customers an equivalent or better mainframe processing environment at a reduced cost by leveraging our software, staff, and facilities on the customers’ behalf.

Client Focus

100% On-Shore USA services

Support all operating system levels: z/OS, OS/390, VM, VSE, Linux

Stay on your current release, if desired

Dedicated LPARs with the required MIPS/MSUs to meet your on-line and batch SLAs

Highly skilled and experienced technical team

Full support of IBM and ISV software stacks

Proven migration methodology

100% customer success rate for migrations and steady state

Flexible Service Delivery Options:

  • Remote support for those customers who choose to retain their hardware on their premises
  • Fully managed mainframe outsourcing, or select only those services required
  • We will introduce improvements (i.e., automation, upgrades) upon our customers’ approval and timeframes

Client Benefits

Cost Efficient

  • Reduce Costs – 15-30% on average – move from CapEx to OpEx
  • “Pay-for-what-you-use” Elastic Model: move applications off mainframe, reduce costs
  • Saving time and money by not being forced to upgrade hardware/software

Flexibility to Support “as is”

  • Will not force customers to upgrade, convert, or change the way they are used to operating – Less Risk!
  • Not “all-or-nothing” – select only those services required

Mitigate Risk

  • Client’s data center not robust or secure enough
  • Meet regulatory requirements; compliance certifications
  • We will not force you to change the way you are used to operating

Retiring Workforce

  • Provide continuous support to run clients’ mission critical business systems

Remain on Current Hardware / Software

  • We maintain and support older legacy HW/SW and current HW/SW, and upgrades
  • We do not force our clients to upgrade

Current Sourcing Relationship Problems

  • Not satisfied with current service levels, technical expertise, poor responsiveness

Mainframe Thought Leadership

Mainframe Migration Best Practices

IT infrastructure outsourcing is a viable option to attain substantial cost savings.

This white paper provides guidance on evaluating outsourcing solution providers to make the best choice in supporting some or all of your data center infrastructure requirements, including:

  1. Determining best practices for supporting your legacy systems
  2. How to mitigate risks associated with outsourcing
  3. Proven migration strategies
  4. Negotiating with software vendors
  5. Ensuring the network meets your needs
  6. Dedicated Disaster Recovery for your critical business requirements

Our whitepaper, “Mainframe Migration Best Practices,” provides guidance in evaluating your options. Gain value by utilizing our seasoned professionals’ expertise with over 30 years of experience, and learn how other clients with similar scope or issues have utilized outsourcing solutions to substantially lower their costs and streamline their requirements.

Mainframe Outsourcing FAQs

Determine the most important considerations in understanding how outsourcing can be a viable option in supporting your organization’s needs.

Your needs may entail supporting a particular legacy application, or your entire data center infrastructure requirements.

Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions include:

  1. How much can I reduce my operating budget?
  2. Why is selective outsourcing a good alternative?
  3. How do I negotiate most effectively with software vendors?

Choosing the right partner relationship is of utmost importance when running your mission critical systems.
Ensure you’re making the right decision by gaining value from our experienced and expert team.