Transition from IBM z/VSE to 21CS VSEn V6.3

April 8, 2024

Blue Hill’s Success with VSEn V6.3 Upgrades


Since IBM’s announcement of the end-of-service for IBM z/VSE starting on September 30, 2023, Blue Hill Data Services has been supporting our clients’ older z/VSE Operating Systems version levels and will continue this support until upgrading to VSEn V6.3. Blue Hill recommends upgrading to current OS levels but does not force this action on its clients.

Blue Hill attended 21CS conferences and IBM webcasts in preparation of installing and testing the new release to support our clients accurately and adeptly. To-date, Blue Hill has completed several successful upgrades to VSEn V6.3 for our clients.

21st Century Software’s (“21CS”) new VSEn V6.3 Mainframe Operating System entered the market starting in May 2022. VSEn V6.3 was designed to offer non-disruptive compatibility with previous versions of IBM z/VSE and also addressed fixes and features that have been applied to IBM z/VSE 6.2 through September 2023, along with the newest releases of the TCP/IP stacks and installation enhancements.

Blue Hill’s focus is to meet its clients’ requirements and support current and future objectives. The technical lead develops the customized Upgrade Project Plan and the client’s Third-Party software suite is reviewed in detail for OS upgrade compatibility. Blue Hill follows IBM’s scheduled upgrade migration path, which provides for backout requirements, if necessary.

Blue Hill’s software upgrade and maintenance schedule is implemented following the plans and policies in compliance with each clients’ specific requirements. Blue Hill’s timeline is to complete an additional ten upgrades to VSEn V6.3 over the next two months.


About 21st Century Software

21CS is a leader in developing mainframe products that ensure data protection, recovery, and migration, as well as products that provide the most comprehensive mainframe performance capacity planning solutions. Since being founded over 30 years ago, 21CS has relied on their strong partnership with IBM to develop and enhance products that meet current market needs and lead predicted technology trends. As the 21CS and IBM relationship has matured, 21CS has been entrusted to develop market critical products for IBM’s portfolio.


About Blue Hill Data Services

Blue Hill Data Services consistently achieves 100% client satisfaction by providing Private Cloud and fully managed 24/7 data center hosting solutions, with a full array of IT support services.

Blue Hill delivers all services from On-Shore, USA, and since 1994 has supported government and commercial clients; helping reduce operating expense, eliminate capital expense, mitigate the risk of a retiring workforce, meet all regulatory compliance, and audit requirements, and achieve 100% client success with their objectives.

Blue Hill specializes in Mainframe-as-a-Service, and also provides multi-platform support services and infrastructure solutions. Blue Hill successfully carved out a niche in supporting Mainframe mission-critical business applications. Functioning as our Clients’ partner, Blue Hill can support client environments either indefinitely or until they choose to move off the Mainframe platform to other platforms while providing flexibility in reducing costs as utilization decreases.

Blue Hill’s differentiators include providing customized solutions, flexibility both in contract and solutions, cost effectiveness, and personalized attention. Client data center environments can be hosted within Blue Hills’ private cloud facilities, or Blue Hill support services can be delivered remotely to the Client’s site.

IT Managed Delivery Services and Solutions:

  • Mainframe-as-a-Service (MFaaS)
  • AS/400 – iSeries-as-a-Service
  • Server/Cloud Infrastructure
  • Applications Development and Maintenance Support Services
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
  • Colocation Services
  • Remote Support
  • Software-as-a-Service – Credit Insurance and Debt Protection Solutions (XyberNET)


Blue Hill’s deep technical skills and longstanding experience enable support of our clients’ legacy environments as well as implementing modern technology solutions.

We do not force clients to upgrade or change the way they are used to doing business. This enables seamless transitions, minimizes risk, and completes migrations in shorter timeframes.

We are proud of our 100% client satisfaction.