Consumer Credit Industry Association (CCIA) podcast featuring Blue Hill Data Services

February 2, 2021

CCIA - Blue Hill Podcast

Hear this lively conversation hosted by Tom Keepers, President and CEO of the CCIA, Consumer Credit Industry Association. Tom speaks with two members of Blue Hill’s management team: Donna Bahnfleth, Director, Client Services, and Rosary De Filippis, Chief Marketing Officer.

Learn how the CCIA and Blue Hill/XyberNET shares their vision of unwavering support for members of the insurance industry.

A free offer is included for all members of the CCIA to receive a free, no cost, business value assessment of their IT systems, which is a feasibility study to determine if costs could be reduced and/or improvements can be made. It is a Proof of Concept to understand if benefits can be derived, prior to launching an actual project.

Included is an overview of Blue Hill’s services and capabilities, how a client can best have their IT legacy systems supported, a discussion about technical debt, and how Blue Hill’s insurance clients have benefitted from their relationship with Blue Hill. The discussion centers around the emphasis on culture and how important it is to build a solid relationship; specifically, how each team member strives to act as an extension of each client’s IT department, ensuring each receives unwavering support. “Sooner or later, an end user will have an IT problem, and they will not care whose problem it is, just that it needs to get fixed. It’s in our DNA to always go above and beyond to fix what needs to get fixed.”

About CCIA:

CCIA is the Consumer Credit Industry Association, and the trusted resource and leading advocate for consumer asset and credit protection products and services, providing advocacy an insights to its members.

Tom Keepers, President & CEO, CCIA

Tom Keepers provides strategic leadership to the Consumer Credit Industry Association (CCIA), a national trade organization working to enhance consumer financial security by assuring a healthy market for consumer asset and credit protection products and services. CCIA’s advocacy and insight services span service contracts, motor clubs, GAP, credit insurance, debt protection and the collateral protection suite.

Tom joined the CCIA team and the world of public affairs after successful years of managing just about all aspects of CCIA member products, from product development to operations to managing the P&L. He served as the member-President of the GAP Alliance for many years, and currently leads a 16-member coalition of lender, retailer and product trade organizations focused on voluntary protection products.

Donna Bahnfleth, Director, Client Services for Blue Hill Data Services.

Donna joined Blue Hill’s management team at the time Blue Hill Data Services acquired XyberNET, a leading comprehensive insurance processing systems and services provider. This acquisition helped Blue Hill expand their Applications Services Portfolio and strengthen both companies’ presence in the insurance vertical. XyberNET has been a proven leader in comprehensive insurance processing systems and services since 1979, serving the credit insurance and debt protection markets. XyberNET’s applications software and services help leading insurance companies run their businesses more efficiently and cost effectively.

Rosary De Filippis, Chief Marketing Officer

Rosary is an award winning marketing and sales executive with over 25 years of experience in the field of Information Technology. As Chief Marketing Officer, Rosary is responsible for the company’s overall marketing direction and execution, in supporting the company’s growth strategy.