Blue Hill and SecureAgent Software Showcase the Tape Migration Engine — IBM Systems Magazine Press Release

November 16, 2020

Blue Hill Successfully Partners with SecureAgent Using the Tape Migration Engine

The Tape Migration Engine migrates tapes from current libraries without impacting the Mainframe host

SecureAgent Software, a global provider of Mainframe security, automation and virtual tape solutions has introduced the Tape Migration Engine, a game-changing Mainframe tape and virtual tape migration methodology.  Their long-time technology partner Blue Hill Data Services is pleased to announce the successful migrations of four different customers, utilizing SecureAgent’s Tape Migration Engine. Additionally, each customer’s existing Virtual Tape Subsystem (STK/Oracle ATL, IBM 7740/20, Flex-ES, EMC DLM) was migrated and then replaced with the SecureAgent Virtual Tape Solution. 

The challenge was in selecting a proven migration tool and virtual tape solution that would accommodate these disparate tape systems, by replacing each customer’s existing virtual tape system/subsystem with one solution.

The results included improving the security of the data, providing encryption for data at rest and data in transit, providing compression and thereby utilizing less storage and not interrupting current processing, using one technology rather than four, and attaining significant cost efficiencies. 

SecureAgent’s Tape Migration Engine represents a new approach for implementing mainframe tape and tape library migrations. Traditional tape library migrations are labor intensive and require monitoring of the system and monitoring of the third-party software. 

Utilizing the SecureAgent Tape Migration Engine is simple and straight-forward and the automated processes can be left to run unattended.

It eliminates any involvement from the mainframe host, uses no expensive Mainframe cycles, does not require expensive third-party tape copy software nor expensive migration management. 

Compatible with All Mainframe Tape Libraries

The Tape Migration Engine is a host-free, transparent tape migration strategy, moving data directly from any existing Mainframe Tape Library (either virtual, physical or both) to the Tape Migration Engine without requiring any impact to the Mainframe host or existing Mainframe operations.   The host system continues with normal production while the Tape Migration Engine  directly controls the current VTL and copies and encrypts all of its data.

Server Based Mainframe Tape Commands

The Tape Migration Engine is directly FICON attached to the target library as an additional LPAR and appears to the library as a Mainframe host.   The Tape Migration Engine issues tape mount commands and directly reads VOLSER tape ranges, simultaneously copying them to attached fiber channel storage.

  • Import any existing tape VOLSERs directly to ATL format
  • No more 3rd Party Software tape copy programs
  • No costly host cycles
  • Data encrypted at rest and in transit

Transparent to the Host

The Mainframe host has no awareness of the Tape Migration Engine and continues with its normal operations. At the completion of the migration import, the Tape Migration Engine is FICON attached to the Mainframe host and becomes the new Virtual Tape Library, and the original tape infrastructure can then be decommissioned.

All Mainframe tape data read by the Tape Migration Engine is simultaneously compressed and encrypted before being stored on disk.

If protecting redundant copies of data at various geographic locations is a requirement, the Migration Engine will also immediately begin securely replicating the newly migrated data to a remote SecureAgent VTL.

The Tape Migration Engine provides the fastest, most efficient and most secure method of moving your data out of an existing Tape Library and into a new State-of-the-Art SecureAgent VTL.

Cloud Enablement

Want to extend the life of your existing Tape Libraries? Or eliminate the need for costly upgrades by instead using an inexpensive method to modernize your tape storage and archiving capabilities?

SecureAgent has an additional module within the Tape Migration Engine which will extend the life of your existing Tape Libraries by providing an interface to the Cloud. The Tape Migration Engine can read any tape volumes from the Tape Library based on a variety of specified criteria, and automatically convert them to Encrypted Cloud Objects and store them at any remote Cloud archive provider.

About SecureAgent Software

SecureAgent Software has been helping customers protect and manage sensitive data for nearly 30 years. Many of the largest companies across the United States and throughout Europe use SecureAgent products in mission critical areas of their daily operations. The company plays an integral role in secure remote console access, data backup and recovery, advanced automation, integrated tape management, and disaster recovery.

SecureAgent Software is revolutionizing the efficient migration of Mainframe, open systems, and IBMi backup data from legacy backup solutions to state-of-the-art secure virtual tape subsystems. The technology is in use by the government sector and commercial companies.

Among the companies using SecureAgent Software are three of the four largest US banks, the two largest credit card processing companies, the nation’s two largest communications companies, some of the largest US airlines in North America.

Contact:, John Sawyer 918.691.9000

About Blue Hill Data Services

Blue Hill Data Services specializes in helping commercial and government customers reduce their operating costs and minimize risk by providing fully managed data center hosting solutions, and a full array of complementary IT support services. 

All 24/7 services are delivered from On-Shore, USA, supporting customers worldwide and from all industries since 1994, with a production data center that has never lost utility power, and three backup data centers. We meet all regulatory compliance and audit requirements for our commercial and government customers.

Our differentiation is providing customized solutions, flexibility both in contracts and solutions, cost effectiveness, personalized attention and services. Our Managed Solutions are provided remotely or hosted within our private cloud Data Center fully provisioned environments.

Specializations include:

  • Mainframe-as-a-Service (MFaaS) solutions, including all managed services offerings, plus Applications support and maintenance. These services help customers mitigate the risk of a retiring workforce supporting MF legacy applications. Customers also utilize these services as a necessary step in the roadmap to eventually transform their applications to newer technologies.
  • iSeries-AS/400 hosting and Managed Services
  • Open Systems hosting and Managed Services
  • Dedicated Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions

Our deep Mainframe and Mid-Range technical skills and longstanding experience enable us to support our customers’ legacy environments as well as implement new technology solutions. Acting as our customers’ partner, we help address the need to maintain their Mainframe environment, either indefinitely or until they choose to get off the Mainframe, providing flexibility in reducing costs as utilization decreases.

We are proud our customer satisfaction 100% — we have never lost a customer due to poor service.

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