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Blue Hill provides very high touch customer service, in delivering On-Shore mainframe and midrange private cloud services, cost effectively, supporting mainframe and midrange environments, by a highly qualified team of experts. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Learn from Blue Hill Experience

Supporting Legacy Applications Cost Efficiently Without Risk: Choosing the Right Mainframe Sourcing Partner

  • Strategy Options and Approaches for Infrastructure Services
  • Keys to Success for Selecting the Right Service Provider

Operating Efficiently While Modernizing Applications To Support Growth:

  • Legacy Application Modernization Options
  • Use Case: Modernization Roadmap for Mainframe Legacy Applications

Cloud Strategies to Generate Successful Business Outcomes

  • Building a Data Center Strategy to Achieve Business Results
  • Driving Business Outcomes to Make Your Business More Successful

Best Practices in Transitioning to a New Provider

  • When a Customer Wants a New Provider
  • Best Practices When Transitioning Providers

Applications Best Practices

Best Practices for Sourcing IT Applications


  1. Logistics: Onsite, Remote, Hybrid
  2. IT Transition Management and Risk Mitigation
  3. Business and Operational Knowledge Transfer

Learn from our Best Practices FAQs for Legacy Modernization


  1. What are the options for modernization or transformation of my Mainframe applications?
  2. What are the differences in terms of costs and effort between Emulation, Porting, and Re-writing applications?
  3. How to evaluate the best options for CICS, ISV, Assembler, COBOL, scheduling software, VSAM files?

XyberNET Software-as-a-Service

Credit Insurance Solutions

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Additional Areas of Interest

Learn from our experience and expertise in providing hosted and private cloud managed services.

ITO Solutions Overview

Blue Hill’s suite of Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO) and Cloud Inspired solutions

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Applications Services

Best Practices for legacy support and modernization


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Client-Server Overview

Compliance private cloud solutions

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AS/400 - iSeries-as-a-Service

Fully managed midrange private Cloud Solutions

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Why Blue Hill

Cost effective solutions, technical expertise 100% On-Shore USA

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About Blue Hill

Delivering Best-in-Class IT Cloud-Inspired Services

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Top 8 Reasons to Outsource

Business drivers to select the best solutions

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Dedicated Disaster Recovery

Satisfy your DR requirements efficiently and seamlessly

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