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Blue Hill Data Services Why Blue Hill Data Services?  
Keeping Your Business Running: Disaster Recovery, Managed Services and Ways to Reduce Costs
  • Research from Gartner: Reduce Costs and Piggyback DR Investments
  • Work-From-Home (WFH) Program Selected 18 Months Before the COVID-19 Pandemic Began
  • Security Strategies in Evaluating Data Center Services
  • Transitioning In: 3 New Customers and Why They Selected Blue Hill, Serving a State Government, Higher Education and State Retirement Fund
Defining the Best Roadmap for IBM Legacy Platforms, and Mastering the Art of a Smooth Transition
  • Research from Gartner: Considering Leaving Legacy IBM Platforms? Beware, as Cost Savings May Disappoint, While Risking Quality
  • Transitioning Out: A Fond Farewell to this County Government
  • Transitioning In: Highlight 3 New Customers Who Recently Selected Blue Hill to Manage their Traditional Legacy IBM Platforms
Measuring Outsourcing Results in Supporting Business Goals
  • Identifying Risks: Baby Boomer Time Bomb!
  • Research From Gartner: Create Sustainable Outsourcing Measures Using Technology and Business Outcomes
  • Defining a Successful Service Provider Engagement
  • Use Case: City Government
Top IT Challenges and Determining Best Solutions
  • Key Take-Away’s
  • Research from Gartner: Top Challenges Facing I&O Leaders in 2018, and What to Do About Them
  • Use Cases: Automobile Manufacturer, City Government, School District
  • Selecting the Best Cloud Service Provider For You
  • How to Know You Are Selecting the Right Partner
Best Practices in Transitioning to a New Provider
  • Key Take-Away’s
  • Case Study: When a Customer Wants a New Provider
  • Research from Gartner: The Five Keys to Successful Service Provider Transitions
  • Best Practices When Transitioning Providers
  • Use Cases: Healthcare, Insurance, Retail, Manufacturing
Cloud Strategies to Generate Successful Business Outcomes
  • Key Take-Away’s
  • Use Cases: Insurance, Higher Education, Government
  • Roadmap: Beginning Your Cloud Journey
  • Strategy: Build a Data Center Strategy By Utilizing Tactical Decisions to Achieve Business Results
  • Research from Gartner: Four Types of Cloud Computing Define Spectrum of Cloud Value
  • Driving Business Outcomes and Making Your Business More Successful
Operating Efficiently While Modernizing Applications to Support Growth
  • Sourcing Options for Legacy Application Modernization
  • Research from Gartner: Adaptive Sourcing Run IT Layer: Focus on Both Operate and Modernize to Bring Operational Flexibility
  • Use Case: Modernization Roadmap for Mainframe Legacy Applications
  • Blueprint for Success
Supporting Legacy Applications Cost Efficiently Without Risk: Choosing the Right Mainframe Sourcing Partner
  • Key Challenges & Top 8 Reasons Why Clients Outsource
  • Research from Gartner: Sourcing Strategy Options and Approaches for Infrastructure Services
  • Keys to Success
  • Client Success Story: Illinois State University
Blue Hill Data Services, with the help of Gartner, works to ensure we continue to meet the growing needs of our client base and promote continuous improvement processes.
For those prospective clients whose governance requires reputable management expertise when considering a new vendor partnership, a selection of Gartner analysts can be called upon to provide fair and unbiased input during your vendor selection process.
Ask about gaining contact information for those Gartner analysts who can offer advice and provide value in your decision making process.
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