Consulting Assistance

“You don’t know what you don’t know” is how one very seasoned CIO explained his dilemma when considering an outsourcing solution to run his media empire’s critical applications.

Clients benefit from our 30+ years of experience to advise, plan, manage, and assist your operational and strategic IT requirements.

Rather than speaking with sales, you will speak directly with our technical team to gain insight based on their 30+ years of experience, in how best to plan your project and alleviate the stumbling blocks:

  • Is it really more cost efficient to move to an OpEx model and not buy expensive hardware when you’re forced to upgrade?
  • How do I deal most effectively with the software vendors I have long term contracts with?
  • When evaluating costs, am I really comparing apples-to-apples? Where are the hidden costs?
  • What aren’t I asking the vendors that could cost me more time and money after I make the decision?

Our consultative approach ensures success for developing and delivering solutions that provide quantitative and qualitative value to your business.

For Performance Improvements and Cost Savings Opportunities:

  • Mainframe, AS/400-iSeries, Client Server environments
  • Mainframe Applications Assessments

For Meeting Regulatory or Board Level Requirements:

  • Business Continuity Plan Development
  • Recovery Options Study
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • DR Plan Documentation, Maintenance and Auditing

Business Continuity Consulting Services

Blue Hill Data Services provides expert Business Continuity consulting services to help organizations manage operational risk.

Our Services Include:

  • Business Impact Analysis (BIA) development
  • Risk Assessment preparation
  • Business Continuity Plan creation

Clients Achieve These Benefits:

  • Fulfill compliance requirements
  • Prioritize business processes based on potential risk
  • Determine which processes should be in scope
  • Create cost-effective plans to mitigate risk
  • Minimize time demands on client staff for plan preparation
  • Establish an efficient framework to keep plans up to date

To request our complimentary Business Continuity Overview Whitepaper that outlines the five phases to include in a Business Continuity program, please request here.