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Blue Hill Data Services Why Blue Hill Data Services?  
Case Studies
  • NorthEast Insurance Groupís First Cloud Venture Proves Successful
    This NorthEast Insurance Company was at a critical point --- they needed to plan for several Mainframe technology upgrades, to IBM hardware, mainframe storage, virtual tape solutions and various mainframe connectors. Learn why Blue Hill was selected.
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  • "When a Customer Wants a New Provider".
    What happens when your vendor outgrows you as a customer? This customer had a strong relationship with their service provider for 15+ years, but over time realized they were becoming the smaller fish in the big pond, which translated into high costs and less flexibility.
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  • Success in a Private Cloud: Dramatically Reducing Costs and Increasing Efficiency
    This multi-billion corporation faced a dilemma – to substantially reduce costs while guaranteeing a high level of customer service and support to their 1.0+ million subscribers. Learn how they extended their data center capabilities AND reduced their costs substantially.
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  • Grade "A+" Service: Why Customers Continue to Turn to Blue Hill/CAPS
    This financial services company required several cost-effective fundamentals including power and cooling for their systems, disaster recovery capabilities, flexibility, and effective communication throughout the engagement. Learn why they chose Blue Hill/CAPS as their IT solution provider
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  • The Test of a True Team: From a Disaster Recovery Plan to a Valued Partnership
    This major equity firm needed to quickly develop a disaster recovery/business continuity (BCDR) plan, which included work area recovery seating where staff could resume operations in the event of an outage. The company turned to Blue Hill/CAPS for a BCDR solution that would keep them operational despite any planned or unplanned disruptions
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  • The Importance of Personalized Service: Not Just Being Another Number
    This company was unhappy with their IT managed services provider, a vendor they had worked with for years. As the vendor grew, some long-time clients no longer got the attention they needed—a fact that came into sharp focus after 9/11. They decided to look for another partner who understood their operations and the risks that would accompany a migration to a new provider.
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  • When Disaster Strikes: Why Trust Matters Most for a Prestigious Brand
    As manager of the financial portfolios of millions of customers worldwide, dedicated disaster recovery solutions are of utmost importance for this prestigious brand. With extreme weather patterns on the rise, this major company of financial products and services realized the importance of having a team to provide seamless business continuity during times of crisis or natural disaster, and at the same time, remain flexible and accommodating. After years of mediocre experience with another IT service provider, the Head of Technology and Operations at this world-renowned organization turned to us for the level of commitment and dedication required to keep a leading company up-and-running...
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  • Illinois State University
    ...The IT infrastructure was aging…the mainframe was at end-of-life…some staff members were no longer available to support the mainframe due to retirement…plus competing demands for resources. It became apparent that outsourcing the mainframe was the answer. An outsourcing provider could help maintain the required Service Level Agreements (SLAs) while freeing up staff to work on IT projects that were considered more strategic in nature...
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  • Cost Savings for a Leading Marine Company
    “Blue Hill saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars by hosting our systems as is, and not forcing us to upgrade to the latest hardware and software versions,” stated the IT Director of a global leader providing solutions and services to the marine industry including advanced chemicals, and equipment. “No other hosting provider would give us this flexibility – the other vendors required us to upgrade before they moved us. By using Blue Hill, we were able to save money and avoid additional costs that would have been incurred during the upgrade process"...
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  • Maintaining Mainframe Requirements Without Missing a Beat
    The Director of Technical Services at this world-wide processor and distributor of specialty steel and metals manufacturing company was so confident the mainframe migration was going to go well, he decided not to tell the users about the migration. So on Monday morning after the migration, when people logged on to the system, they were accessing the mainframe at Blue Hill Data Center’s Pearl River facility...
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