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Blue Hill Data Services Why Blue Hill Data Services?  
Mainframe-as-a-Service - 24/365 Delivery
Blue Hill specializes in providing IBM Mainframe delivery and support services.
Since 1994, our goal is simple: Provide our customers an equivalent or better mainframe process environment at a reduced cost by leveraging our software, staff, and facilities on the customers’ behalf.
Highlights – Customer Focus:Our Services
  • 100% On-Shore USA Servicess
  • Support all operating system levels: z/OS, OS/390, VM/VSE
  • Stay on your current release, if desired
  • Dedicated LPARs with the required MIPS/MSUs to meet your on-line and batch SLAs
  • Highly skilled and experienced Technical Team, including Systems Programmers, Production Control/Job Schedulers, Operations, Service Desk
  • Full support of IBM and ISV software stacks
  • Proven migration methodology
  • 100% Customer Success Rate for Migrations and Steady State
Service Delivery Options:
  • Remote support for those customers who choose to retain their hardware on their premise
  • Fully Managed Mainframe Outsourcing, or select only those services required
  • We will not force you to change the way you are used to operating
  • We will introduce improvements (i.e., automation, upgrades) upon our customers’ approval and timeframes
Why Customers Select Our Services:
  • Cost Efficient
    • Reduce Costs – 15-20% on Average - Move from CapEx to OpEx
    • “Pay-for-what-you-Use” Elastic Model: Move Applications Off MF, Reduce Costs
    • Saving Time and Money by Not Being Forced to Upgrade HW/SW
  • Retiring Workforce
    • Provide Continuous Support to Run Customers’ Mission Critical Business Systems
  • Mitigate Risk
    • Customer’s Data Center Not Robust or Secure enough
    • Meet Regulatory Requirements; Compliance Certifications
  • Forced to Upgrade HW/SW
    • We Maintain and Support Older Legacy HW/SW and Current HW/SW, and Upgrades
  • Current Sourcing Relationship Problems
    • Not Satisfied with current Service Levels, Technical Expertise, Poor Responsiveness
  • Flexibility to Support “as is”
    • Will not force customers to upgrade, convert, or change the way they are used to operating – Less Risk!
    • Not “all-or-nothing” – select only those services required
    • Remote Support – or colocation at Blue Hill Data Centers
“We provide customized solutions supported by a standardized framework”
Overview of Data Center Facilities and Network: Blue Hill Data Centers
Whitepaper: Mainframe Migration Best Practices
Learn more about our No Cost IT Business Value Assessment for Mainframe Hosting
To begin, contact
Rosary De Filippis, 845-875-7037, or
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